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Welcome to Custom Metric Accessories.

Like so many of you, we've been in the air cooled Volkswagen™ sport for many years. Also like so many of you, we are disgusted with the quality (or lack thereof) of many of the parts available. Another problem we all have had to deal with is just plain poor design. Some parts could never work well even if manufactured to the highest standards.
Many items are missing from the VW market place that never were produced and leave you wondering "Why hasn't anyone ever done this before?" So many other parts are no longer available. Custom Metric Accessories (CMA) has endeavored to make a difference in the sport we all so enjoy.

Here on our site you will find the latest innovative products for your air cooled Volkswagen
developed by CMA. We have identified several areas of the air cooled VW's that needed attention and have developed our exclusive line of parts and tools to address those needs. No shortcuts have been taken in producing quality parts that will last longer, function better and look better than similar products currently available.

What you won't find here is half-truths and hype. We tell it like it is. Nothing here is bigger or better than life, just the facts. No funky prices like $7.49 or $14.99. We price our stuff in round numbers like $7.50 or $15.00 because we know that's what you like. Shipping is what it is because it comes straight from the carrier with no changes.

Everything we offer is developed and made right here in the U.S.A. You won't find any Chinese junk here! If you are shopping strictly by price, we may not be the shop for you. If you believe a good value is one that may cost more, but only needs to be purchased once, then we are the right stop.

Our philosophy is simple: If it's not good enough to put on our own cars, we certainly wouldn't offer it to you!

All of our stuff is also supported with a "Handshake Guarantee" for the quality of materials and workmanship. Just call and talk directly to me and we will work it out. You can read more about it here. Everything we sell is also backed with the ready availability of replacement parts. From major components to a set screw, if you need replacement parts for CMA products, we are here for you.

Check back often because we have a huge list of products currently or soon to be under development.

Also, if you have any good product ideas, lets talk about them. I'd be happy to work out a deal with you that will benefit you, me and the entire air cooled VW


Eric Schneider
Store Owner
Air Cooled VW

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